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Special Membership

  • £195 per year
  • £195
  • We are currently accepting a limited number of applications to our unique "Use it or Lose it" membership.

    For a one-off annual fee of £195 (reduced from £850 per annum plus £250 joining fee) you can enjoy the full benefits of ARBORETUM membership, as long as you visit twice a month, and spend a minimum of £10 each time.

    Please follow these 3 simple steps to submit your application:

    1) Pay the non-refundable £195 deferment fee
    2) Put in your proposer. If you do not have a proposer, please enter 'N/A' and we will invite you in for an interview after submitting your application
    3) Agree to the terms and conditions

    Please click here to view our Special Membership FAQ's

    N.B Should you have an existing member as your proposer your application will be automatically accepted. Should you not have a proposer, we will still accept your application and hold your payment until your application has been approved. You will need to book in to see a membership adviser before your application is processed. Should we not accept your application funds deducted from your account will be refunded.

    Please tick to agree to our Terms and Conditions