Green Utopia Festival - 23rd to 29th September

Green Utopia Festival - 23rd to 29th September

Through the "Million Miles Campaign" our aim is to reduce emissions into the local environment and remedy some of the damage caused whilst improving personal health and wellbeing by committing to reduce a million miles of passenger journeys. This might involve finding alternatives such as a cycle to work rather than train or bus, a walk to school rather than a car journey or avoiding a long flight by establishing a video conference or telephone meeting. We request each person to commit to some form of activity during the week of 23rd to 29th September as a start to the effort.




Each passenger journey currently results in carbon emissions, damaging particulates and emission of other damaging gases that impact our immediate health and cause damage to our climate. By simply reducing passenger journeys once or twice a week we can generate a significant reduction of damaging emissions resulting from transportation effects.


By doing just a few hours a week of physical activity we can improve physical health, prolong life and reduce ageing. By building this activity into the regular week through walking, running or cycling to replace regular transportation activities we can significantly improve our long term health.


One of the greatest difficulties we face in the modern world is coping with the adverse effects of an increasingly connected and highly pressurised world. The positive effects of exercise in relation to mental health and wellbeing are well documented. Taking time for physical activity that would otherwise be applied in a stress-inducing activity such as traffic jams,  train delays or tube overcrowding can have a significant beneficial effect on health and well-being with little impact to our available overall time.


In circumstances where the above activity also reduces a cost that would otherwise have been spent on rail fares, bus fares, petrol purchases, parking or other transportation costs the aim is to turn the saved negative environmental spend into a positive environmental investment thereby not only avoiding the environmental damage but also contributing to positive environmental remediation or sustainability action. Any such contribution to climate change improvement and environmental sustainability objectives would, therefore, be at no personal net financial cost.


Everyone can do something, no matter how small, that has immediate benefits for each individual and which together can have a significant impact on improving our environment and helping towards a sustainable future.


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