ARBORETUM launches London's first Green Quarter

ARBORETUM launches London's first Green Quarter

Located in the hub of London's most polluted zones, ARBORETUM launches London's first Green Quarter.

In partnership with First Mile, Pennine Place, Gascoyne Holdings, and LIBRARY, Green members club ARBORETUM brings the capital together, with recycling that works. 

Serving as London's first Green Quarter, Arboretum's fledgeling initiative hopes to inspire and catalyse multiple green quarters across the city.

Within the UK, three of the worst polluted areas are in London, with Marylebone Road, Hyde Park Corner and the centre of the capital serving as the most polluted postcodes in the entire country. In 2017 alone, England produced 37.9 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste, with 7m tonnes coming from London's homes, public buildings and businesses each year. Of this, only 52 per cent is currently recycled and performance has increasingly stagnated.

As the global community assesses the detrimental effect that human activity has, and is having on our planet, it is time to address the pollution within the UK's largest concrete jungle – our capital city. Launched as a first for the capital, ARBORETUM pledges individuals, local offices and larger corporations to start making positive changes in the way in which we recycle at work.

What is the Green Quarter and how Does it Work?

ARBORETUM's Green Quarter hopes to encourage businesses across the capital to partner with their corporate neighbours in jointly recycling, thus reducing the respective recycling costs to one integrated effort across the same location. Westminster is rated the second-worst council for recycling in London with only 13.9% of corporate waste in Westminster sent for reuse, recycling or composting. This scheme not only ensures office spaces recycle but also serves to combine and reduce the recycling collection slots. This means that one recycling van will collect all recycling within a collective postcode range, rather than upwards of three vans to the same area.

As well as the Green Quarter initiative, ARBORETUM is also launching a clean air monitoring system, allowing members to track the air quality of Trafalgar Square versus inside the members club. This will highlight the benefits of plant life in the centre of London and in co-working spaces.

LIBRARY and ARBORETUM are making the Green Quarter as accessible and environmental-friendly as possible, by linking the two sites by an entire plant-covered walkway. This will allow members and visitors alike to experience eco-initiatives across the Green Quarter without breathing in London's toxic air.

The Green Quarter has chosen to work with First Mile due to a number of its innovative recycling solutions. First, it operates a zero-to-landfill policy, with all non-recyclable waste sent to generate Green energy. Second, First Mile run carbon-neutral, low emission fleets which use specialist mapping for optimised clean-air routes. Businesses are offered free compliance certificate and monthly reports to track and monitor recycling achievements. This is all underlined by the responsible processing of materials at their award-winning pre-sort First Mile Sacktory®, to super-boost recycling rates.