Green Utopia

Green Utopia

On 12-14th April ARBORETUM unveiled 'Green Utopia' - a three-day immersive exhibition highlighting the power of plants amidst London's concrete jungle.


During the exhibition, guests had the opportunity to immerse themselves in ARBORETUM’s vibrant green spaces and learn about the remarkable impact that plants can have on our mental wellbeing and productivity.


Hosts of the exhibition included celebrated fine artist and photographer Adrian Houston, ocean advocate and international public speaker Emily Penn, author of The Healing Power of Plants Fran Bailey, adventurer and motivational speaker Dave Cornthwaite, Nick O’Shea, economist and founder of Ignition Brewery, and Simon Jones from Helping Rhinos -  all of which came together to discuss the power of plant life and social responsibility in promoting better health, wellbeing and environments. 


The programming schedule featured a London Ocean Drinks reception, a series of talks on Plant Power, Saying Yes More, Conscious Capitalism and What One Person Can Do, a Sound Healing Gong Bath with Seing, a Guide To Meditation with Michael McCaffrey, Being Nutrition Savy with Mary Lynch, nutritionist and founder of Onist Foods, and Conscious Skincare with By Sarah London. Food was provided by popular plant-powered food vendor Kalifornia Kitchen.


The exhibition provided an exciting preview of the cultural programming our members can look forward to once the club officially opens its doors.


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