1) Who can apply to be a member?

Anyone can apply to become a member. The selection and approval process is easy. In the first instance, come and visit us and we will approve/decline your application after your visit. If you have a proposer who must be a current member, they become your referee and you are automatically accepted as a member. Our core focus areas are sustainable development, environmental stewardship and social wellbeing.

2) When do I get my membership card?

Membership packs will be sent out once your application has been processed. You may however, start to use the clubs as soon as you receive confirmation of membership. Venue opening hours are listed here

3) How many guests can a member bring?

Members can bring in up to 3 guests - should you wish to bring in more you will need to let us know beforehand. This is subject to notification of anything to the contrary from club management.listed here.

4) Can members hire the venue and what are the costs?

Members do not pay hire fees for personal events e.g. birthdays, leaving do’s, engagement parties etc. Members are still subject to a minimum spend for an exclusive area. Members may not use their personal membership for a corporate hire. However, corporate members may hire without incurring hire fees for up to 3 events per annum. Please contact us for specific rates and rooms.

5) Will my membership fee ever go up?

Fortunately no, the price you start with is the price you pay for the lifetime of your membership unless you stop your subscription. Should you re-apply - you will pay whatever the fees are at the time that you re-apply.

6) How is ARBORETUM connected to LIBRARY Members Club?

LIBRARY and ARBORETUM are independent members clubs with an agreement to share facilities. ARBORETUM members gain access to LIBRARY facilities as part of their membership - and there is an exclusive offer for LIBRARY members who want to gain access to ARBORETUM. Please get in touch for further information.